Trevor Walker

Photo by Peter Hurley.

Since the age of 13 I was involved in photography.  I worked at a Camera store called "Family Photo Video" (R.I.P.).  My interest was minimal, but as I learned about film, processing and SLR cameras my appreciation grew!

Fast forward many years later.  Worked a successful career in recruitment I always felt that I was missing something.  For a birthday my wife picked up a groupon for a photography lesson.  My hopes were not high, but after the 3 hour course I was reminded how much I loved photography.  

I make it well known that my "secret sauce" is all about personality and emotions in front of the camera.  I never tell you to smile, I don't even let you hold a pose!  Taking a headshot (or any picture for that matter) doesn't have to be static with awkward pauses, it is a conversation you get to have with the camera.  Let me take you there!