Top clothing tips for a killer headshot session!

One of the most popular questions I get is about clothing.  Headshots are very different from other types of photography, fashion can be a hindrance to the overall effect.  Here are some top tips for optimizing your headshot session!

Colours are your frenemy

What looks good in front of a mirror doesn't look good for a headshot!  Bright vibrant colours will pull the attention away from your face, which makes the image more about clothing choice.  Stick to simple neutral colours.  Blue, greens, etc.  White and black can work at times, but since white and black fade quickly, make sure the tops are newer.

Bright Green no no


Beware of sleeveless tops

They look amazing in front of the mirror, but in a headshot with the wrong angle it can look scandalous!  Stick to tops that have shoulder coverage and a higher neckline.

Avoid Patterns

Think about the last time you went to a you remember the floor?  It's typically one of the first things that you look at and it can be very distracting!  Same applies with headshots, patterns can go too far quickly and the image becomes about that cute top and not your expression.


Layer to your strengths

If you want to add depth to your image, add a layer or two!  As always keep the layer simple, ensure that your neck doesn't get covered in the process.  Hoodies, cardigans, suit jackets can all work to create depth in your image!  Extra tip, if you are wearing business suits, make sure it fits appropriately!  Loose collars and ill fitting jackets are a big no no!



Did I miss anything?  Comment below if you have a secret for your headshots!