What can a good headshot do for you?

Headshot - Trevor Walker Photography


Are you the person for the job? A good headshot builds trust so can be that person.

Aaron - Headshot Trevor Walker photography


Don’t want to get overlooked? A great headshot will make you stand out!

Great Headshot - Trevor Walker Photography


A great headshot will make people want to work with you, I’ll make sure you don’t look scared, stunned or angry!

Trevor - Trevor Walker Photography

Meet the Photographer Trevor

“Do you think you are not photogenic? I’ll prove you wrong! Have fun while you are getting an amazing headshot taken, it’s supposed to be that way!”

-Trevor Walker


Does your Headshot tell a story?

The Walker Headshot Process

Warm Up

If you don’t like being in front of the camera, we deal with all that here! You get warmed up, I teach you some of my tips for bringing the confidence and approachability to your image!


Do you know how to pose? Guess what, no ones does! I will walk you through each pose and you won’t even know it was happening! We work on expressions, your job is to control you eyes, mouth and eyebrows, I show you what to do with them!


Throughout the session we look at the images. We want to ensure that you are happy with how you see yourself and make any tweaks along the way. You are in full control of how many images you want to keep and how many you delete!


Our team of retouchers will go over the image and fine tune any details that will distract in the final image. The work we do is blemish removal, colour correction and lighting corrections. It’s all highly detailed but the result always looks natural!

Getting Prepared for your Headshot


Get your face ready!

Be well hydrated, skin doesn’t look very nice otherwise!

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

Men - Bring your shaving kit. If you want an unshaven studly look, then shave and look fresh and clean!

Ladies - As my friend Dan from www.danhiltonphotography.ca says, “If you choose to do your own makeup, use a light hand. Your makeup should be natural and blended well.”