“My picture from (insert person)’s wedding is good enough for LinkedIn...!

No it isn’t!!  


Let me explain.   

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Back in 2006 LinkedIn’s popularity changed how companies find talent. Since then personal branding has become more and more Important.  Potential employers want to know who you are before they hire you, so they turn to LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and any other social media platform before making those decisions! 


Your Headshot is just one area to consider, but it is very important!  Here are some tips for having a headshot that will make you stand out!


Don't be yourself!

 Not exactly true...you definitely want to show who you are, but in the context of work.  What I mean is that you want to show you who you will be at work, not at the bar! 


Just the face...just the face.

LinkedIn pictures end up being very tiny on a big screen, so keep your face front and center!


Use a Professional Photographer  

 If you are a jobseeker, invest in you personal brand, hire a professional photographer to take your best shot.  Only a professional knows how to pull out the best you!  Posing, lighting, joke cracking are all skills we work for years to get right!  


I hope you found some of this information relevant and useful!  I would love to hear your thoughts on these topics, so if you want to keep the conversation going please contact me!




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