Selfie helpie!

Tis the season for Holiday Selfies!  Here are a few tips from a pro for getting the best out of your front facing camera!

Look at the camera!

Avoid looking at the screen when taking your selfie!  Smartphone lenses can be tough to see, but typically they are located at the top, close to where you put your ear when using the phone.


Go to the light.  

Want light like the pros use?  Stand facing a big window that doesn't have sun directly shooting through it.  This will make the light very "soft" with minimal hard shadows (trust me on that one)!


Higher isn't better.

Aim the camera slightly higher than your nose, don't aim for the sky!  When you raise the camera too high you increase the risk of distorting your face, which isn't flattering (unless you are an anime character)!


Think happy thoughts!

Don't force a smile, everyone can tell!  Instead keep a "pocket memory", something that will make you smile every time!  I use mental images of my dog as a puppy.  Corny but it works every time!


Hopefully these tips will help you refine your selfie game!  If you still struggle then give me a call!  


Happy Holidays!

Trevor Walker